Saturday, August 4, 2007

My husband my husband

My husband my husband

The darkness swirls around
Let me feel you tonight in a dream
Not easy but this is a must
Let me know you are near me

That you are as angry as I
With you trapped where I can not reach
Taken from each other
With you behind a barrier you can not breach

I close my eyes and see,
Your face pressed up against it
I close my eyes and see the light
Your face, behind you it gleams bright

With whispers I almost hear
You are are trying, reaching out to calm me
It hurts, but I know you are there
You are as close as the tears on my cheeks

Please, it must be tonight
In the dream that will ease the torment
You are able to break thru and reach me
In the dream, I pray for that moment

My husband my husband

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