Friday, August 3, 2007

Simple Pleasures on a friday night

Ba da da dum da da ba da dum.....Or something like that.

I was walking the dog tonight and ended up talking to the neighbors. The grandson of one of our long time neighber Will was outside on the stoop. Now Donald is about 5ish and we started discussing his Transformer from BK. He said he liked Transformers but LOVED Yoda.

I told him hang on...and ran in to get some BK toys for him. I grabbed just a few of my doubles (triples) and brought out. Man, you would have thought they were gold. Well I guess they were gold for him. Then I handed him the Yoda and his face just lit up and his grin was huge.

I took some pics with my cell phone, and I wanted to share them. It sure made me feel good tonight.

He is playing with them and humming the Star Wars Vader music, he had it down pat. True fan that he was, he knew the characters, told me all about how he loved Yoda the best and was even throwing some lines out to me. After years of just playing with Adult fans, it was fun to hang out with a young fan and feel the joy they get from Star Wars.

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