Thursday, July 19, 2007


So here I am going to lunch with my sister in law and she hands me the divorce papers from Jims first wife. I had asked her for them for some claims. She was great to get them for me and she passed them to me thru my SIL.

I open the envelope, look at it and nearly crap my pants in the car.

They were divorced on May 29, 1985. 22 years later, he is dead on that date.

Unfrigging believable.

Karma? Coincidence? Random Chance?

I had always thought the divorce was in September. Maybe thats when they seperated. Jim went on starting in mid August about how September 9th was his 'bad day'. Accidents, bankruptcy, inducted in the military, discharged from the military, the LDS's showing up at our door, they all happened on or around the 9th. He had me so hooked on this date that on 9/9/99 we both just stayed inside and watched movies.

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