Friday, July 20, 2007

Quiet Morning time

7/20/2007 6:13 am

Early morning and I wake
with some birds and soft light,
feeling your warmth next to me.

As we lay, you reach over
and pull me close to your side,
our bodies melding into a one.

We spoon against one another
feeling every nuance of the other,
every breathe, every twitch,
each caress and a kiss,
nothing could pull me from your side.

You pull me still closer,
and with a whisper so low
saying you'll never let me go.

As I wake I must sigh,
of the time passed on by.
Only memories are left at my side.

I wrote that all in my head before putting it on paper. I woke this morning feeling Jim next to me, touching as we always did. As I woke more I realized no warmth but in my head. I lay and remembered that time and the words came to my mind line by line, easily, fluidly as if already written, as I worked thru the memory of that early morning moment.

For us, the early morning just before the alarm went off was a favorite time. To lay in the quiet of dawn and be able to touch and whisper and just hold each other before the crush of the day came down in its whirlwind of having to be here, be there, get this, feed them - to have just each other and the light creeping up. It was like another world. A world where it was just Jim and I.
Often after a bit, I would try to get up and Jim would pull me up against him and say "No, just a few minutes more..." and I would stop and we would have those few minutes.

I woke this morning feeling his arms wrapped around me, and I moved closer to his warmth.

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Bismo said...

That's really, really beautiful. It seems like he really WAS with you this morning... and it's not hard to believe that was Truth.