Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pulses of Pain

It always comes late at night
I’m done for the day and my brain has just stopped.
The missing you part has now hit again.

Doors slamming and shouts from the street
The sound machine blurring all that so now I can sleep
My brows come together and my eyes squeeze shut tight

For others the days have moved onward and forward
I find my days run together in a fluid stream of pain
The pulses flow thru me as if they are waves
From the tears I let go I must learn to be sane

Then again there is more, it won't, it can't stop
My unwanted feelings inside break apart
Anger, guilt, shame and I'm shaking my head
The tumble of thoughts as I lay deep in the dark

The questions to answer are ones from my heart
Why is the big one and what comes to me next
Why did this happen to you? is the one at the top
Second in the line up is What am I to do now?

The dog sighs below and I feel it too
Wondering where you are he still waits by the door
Its a sadness that spreads like a mist or a fog

Night time musings and rambling thoughts
Waves of the pain and loneliness wash over me
All the wonders and worries are just thoughts in the air

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