Tuesday, July 24, 2007


No, not the movie, but the real ones. As infrequently as we went, the beach holds some dear thoughts of Jim and I.

I came across a roll of film and just got it developed. I have 5 more rolls and who knows what is on them, so this will come up again. This roll had our trip to Orlando florida, to spend a week with friends in their time share. We were not big into the theme parks but wanted to see the ocean. We went over to Cocoa Beach and had a blast. You know, Cocoa Beach where you could find I Dream of Jeannie.
The pictures are from that beach visit and are not good, but brought back some warm memories. Seeing the shots of me building a sand castle and then the shots of my vividly red back with the large X where the swimsuit was. Also a fun one was the 'Ape Laundry. You can tell it used to be "CAPE laundry" but the C had been gone awhile. Why we took that one, I'll never know. Unless it was because of Jim's King Kong fetish. Well, maybe not fetish.

Anyway, we went to Cocoa Beach, spent ten minutes on the beach and then the afternoon rain set in. It lasted about an hour and then we went to the beach again. It was kind of a nice little break. We found a thrift store, a guitar and pawn shop and had some good burritos somewhere. Watching Jim run into the ocean and then run out again as he is chased by waves was pretty darn funny.

I go back in my brain and remember the OC beach on our honeymoon, the beach in florida, the beach of the St. Thomas and just smile. The was not our number one vacation spot, but we enjoyed the time when we were at them.

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