Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hot time in the old town tonight!

Boy, my street sure is hopping this month.

Lets see, tonight I was just watching some Dr Who and suddenly hear screeching, gunning of engine and police lights flying past my house. I get up to look out and hear a crash. The car they were chasing went right into the corner of a brick building at the end of our block.

Now there are three police cars at one end (where the crash is) the police helicopter circling up above, three or four police cars at the end near the playground (near to where I live) and lots of noise. Come to find out that there was a big drug bust in the park/playground that has been getting worse and worse for drug traffic. They got three guys. Yeah!

We residents have been complaining for months and using our crimewatch numbers and calling in things we see, but not seeing much results. Talking to a kid walking up the street from that bust, I asked him what happened. He told me they got three dealers and the guys were dumb as bricks for not catching on that it was a setup. Guess drugs can do that to you.

I must explain, for any that may not know, that yes, I live in Baltimore city, but not in a 'bad' part of town....just south of JHU and just up the street from the legendary Hampden. Its a one way small side street. It just so happens to have a very dark park and playground at the end of it. Our end. In the last six months things here have gone from okay to bad to worse. We have to get some lights up over there. BIG lights, bright lights and maybe some cameras.

On this past tuesday they raided two houses up the street for drugs and took away two people, shot a dog that attacked the police and found lots of drug stuff in one basement. A month ago we had a dealer that was shot as he was conducting some business. Irony is, it was the same corner alley that the car crashed into tonight.

I really need to move.

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Don Sakers said...

Betsy: I don't want to make too big a deal about this, but I do want to recognize a big step you've taken here (probably without realizing it).

This is your first post (that I recall) that doesn't mention Jim.

That's bittersweet, but also kinda encouraging, if you think about it the right way.

Love, Don