Thursday, July 12, 2007

Green memories

So in a past blog I spoke of the driving we did together. This one is about memories that are just timed with a green part of the year. Spring and summer.

I can't forget the drives on Mothers day to visit the 'moms'. Basically, this was a trip to the cemetaries. Two of them, one just off of rte 32 and one in Oberlin. About an hour and a half from each other. It wasn't just on mothers day, but usually 3 or 4 times a year. It gave us some great driving time together, we had each other, some fresh air and good music. The cemetaries had a lush green grace and a relaxing calm to them.

One time last year we got some information and found where my grandmother and grandfather were buried. We went to see those graves and got wonderfully lost in the cemetary trying to read the map they gave us and relying on my memories of, oh say, 35 years ago when I last remember being there. What fun. When we wandered into the Jewish section of the cemetary I knew we were pretty far off. We did find the headstones eventually and the adventure makes it all the more worth it.

Jim was very good about the ritual of going to the cemetary, putting the flowers in, sweeping and cleaning things up, saying a prayer and also not forgetting to put some flowers at his uncle and cousins graves that were up around the corner.

I miss those trips.

And I must of course remember the trip to Easton for our 17th wedding anniversary. We were headed for OC but never quite made it that far. We stopped in to see the church we were married in and were amazed at the changes. We were stopped by the organist there and he spoke to us for a few minutes. When he learned who we were, he suddenly smiled and said "oh yeah, you are the ones that had the liberty bell march for your recessional music". I was amazed that he remembered that, but also pleased. The music was a big deal for us because it was a show that we watched together when we were dating. I guess it made an impression on him considering all the weddings he must have played the organ for.

Unless there was a big picnic going on, for some reason Jim always thought going out to my Dads was a long trip. Its only about 45 minutes, but whenever I suggested it on a sunday afternoon he would be 'oh no that will take all day to go out and then drive back and how long will we be there....whine whine whine...."

However when I pushed him (on those days when it was just too beautiful to not go) he would always tell me later how glad he was that we went. He was glad for that push. Dad's is nice because it is like a big park. And when we were there by ourselves it was fantastic. Quiet, green, peaceful and fresh. The hammock was his favorite spot. Dad loves us to bring the dogs so they always had a blast too.

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