Thursday, July 12, 2007

An Elephant

While talking to a friend of mine who also lost her husband suddenly, and is also in her 40's, I asked 'how do we get thru everything? there seems to be so much'.

She said that she found it that way also. No time to do anything and no desire to do anything. No motivation. No feeling like anything is accomplished. But she heard from another friend this saying and said it helped her a lot.

"how do you eat an elephant?" (well its too big to eat all at once, its too massive to handle by yourself and sometimes its too tough even for you to eat)

So you start with small bites.

Now I when I start to get frustrated, freaked out, angry and sweaty (my hair sweats when I am stressed...yep it does) I stop and saying "breathe. small bites. breathe" and it will usually help to calm me down and look at the problem/elephant in a different way.

Small bites of a big elephant. If I can't handle the small bites myself, I can call someone. If its too tough then I can set it aside and think on it when it marinates a bit.

Yep, how do you eat an elephant? small bites. It helps.

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