Friday, July 13, 2007

Annual adventure

An annual tradition is coming up. Shore Leave. A Star Trek/media Con that I have attended since....well...I was at Shore Leave 1 but missed a few after that.

In 1983 my friend and I went as Luke and Leia from Star Wars Return of the Jedi. That was when the fun really began. It became an annual adventure and a time to really cut loose. Let go my conscious self and act on instinct.

Going to the con this weekend may be good and may be bad. Good because I will be around a familiar environment. I have gone to this con before I met Jim, also with Jim and sometimes without him when he couldn't get off of work. I am not sure if there will be any major 'triggers' for tears, but I will probably run into some. I will be around friends who even if we only meet once a year are like family.
Some of the pain is knowing just that I was the one that introduced him to the world of Cons and the wonderment of a big weekend party of people that all love the same sort of things you do. People that are not thrown off if you come in your Jedi costume or your Trek uniform or even just tee shirt and jeans. It is the feeling of oneness with the group around you that makes it so pleasurable. Star Trek fans.
He dove right in. He loved walking around the dealers room and looking at the array of dvds, costumes, posters, tee shirts and such that you find there. He loved also just watching as people wandered around, and he enjoyed being in the skits and plays that were often performed. He was an actor and loved to ham up a role. He would try very hard to memorize lines and then ended up saying something similiar but not exactly what it was supposed to be. But he worked hard at it and love to perform with others on the stage.
Shore Leave won't be the same without him. He will be missed by me and many others.

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Bismo said...

I'm sorry I won't see you there this year, Betts, you're right it seems weird to be sitting at home this weekend, and it's a time I wish I could be there to hang with you a bit. Of course, I'm there in spirits.... Another round for the Paddock!