Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wedding Warmth

I think I want to try and talk about one good fun loving warm memory of Jim to counter the sadness found in other ones. I want this walk thru grief to also be a remembrance of the man I love. I want to look back at photos and thoughts and smile. He could always make me smile.

Our wedding picture. This was quite a quick wedding and still as beautiful a one as any bride could ask for. Jim proposed to me in the spring and we were married that fall. The proposal was while we lay in bed after a wonderful evening and he said 'would you marry me?". I looked into his eyes, saw that he was perfectly serious and got a little...well...scared. Marriage for me is forever. I knew that. So I said "Can I think about it?" and he laughed and said sure. He held me in his arms, told me how much he loved me and then kissed me. After the kiss he said "okay, so thats long enough for thinking...what do you say?" and I said Yes.

What a grand adventure planning a wedding was. My Mom jumped in and made the bridesmaid dresses. I found the wedding gown at a great second hand bridal shop and it was just perfect for me. Jim did not have a big wedding for his first marriage and wanted one for us. I would have been happy with a justice of the peace and a three day party with family and friends. He wanted it done traditionally. As in many other things, he was right. It was wonderful.

The wedding night needs some sharing. Well, not all of the wedding night...but as we were going into the hotel room Jim said he wanted to carry me over the threshold. He lifted me up, took two steps forward somehow caught the heel of his shoe, tripped, fumbled and we flew in one swoop onto the bed with him landing plop on top of me. We laughed and then looked at his shoe - ripped from one end to the other. Oh my. What a start!

He didn't tell me where our honeymoon would be. I just trusted him. I knew he would pick a place that would be special. It was. We went to the beach and had a grand suite. It was bigger than our apartment back home. I could have moved in easily. We went out and watched some movies, we had dinner in the suite more than out, so we could be together, a walk on the beach, awakening and seeing the gulls out on the balcony, laying in bed late to watch tv shows from the late 60's. Oh what fun. A week with nothing to do but hang out with Jim. Yep, nice.

This next picture is not from our honeymoon, but it is a great travelling Jim pic. The end of the week at the beach and after the flight home.

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