Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hard to imagine

The way life works.

I was looking for a photo of Jim in a costume to put on a wall of Memory at the Farpoint convention. I found it. But opening the blog that I hadn't opened in a long time (even though I think of it often), well, wow. A flash of memories and photos that was like steppinig into a kitchen filled with scents and spices and such that you didn't know which way to look first.
Just spent an hour going thru blog entries and looking at photos and crying and laughing and lookinig over at Skye and telling him "Jim would have like you buddy".  
The photos that hit the hardest were the ones taken down in Georgia with his brother and family. It was just weeks before he died. It was him with the quirky eyebrow and goofy goatee and smile and twinkle in the eye. Sigh.
Yep, still missing you honey. Still missing you.

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