Saturday, March 10, 2012

Leap forward!

Missed all of Feb. and most of March. Life has been busy. Today I am wearing memory. I have one of Jim's million t-shirts on. It says "Stealth" on the back and something Naval Academy on the front. Jim won this at a movie viewing of the movie Stealth. Something about AI's in stealth war planes and of course the AI's take control of the ship.

Anyway, he got it a few years ago at the opening of the movie. We are at this theatre and it is not a large group of people but there is a radio dj there to promote the movie. He had some giveaways - t-shirts and hats and posters. He was talking up the movie on the air and then the DJ said, the first person to the front gets a hat and shirt. OH MAN. Jim was out of his seat and leaping over chairs like he was Superman. He beat out the 9 yr old that was there. Almost neutered himself on one of the leaps over - no just going down the aisle for him! He got the shirt and hat and then gave the hat to the kid. The DJ gave Jim another shirt and hat just for his enthusiasm.

Today a dear old friend of mine is coming to help me look over some of Jim's comic collection. I want help to put it in some order and judge what it may have in the way of worth on the market. I have already started sorting and made some great finds. I knew Jim had a lot of Fantastic Four comics, but not the series back to #16. He has a couple boxes of just FF's. But not just that, there are lots that he collected that I didn't know about but could see his dedication in making sure he had a whole story arc in the series.

With 16 long boxes of comics it comes to about 2500 or more of comics to sort so it will be a long day, week, month. I know I am going to keep some, but most will be finding a new home. I am wearing this t-shirt in honor of Jim's leaping into things no matter what the consequenes.

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Jack B. Nimble said...

When we were kids, my brother had a comic book collection. I'm sure some of them would be worth a lot of money, today, but my Mom threw them out not realizing the value. We did that with a lot of things--just need to go into an antique store and see all the metal and glass kitchen items that we replaced with plastic--prices are sky high. I was thinking the other day that I remember my Mom saying they invented the neatest things--they're called paper towels and you hang them from the cabinet.


Who knows, maybe we'll see you at The Antique Road Show, betts.