Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day - Summer is over

I went to the annual Labor Picnic today. It is always held at my stepmom's (and late father's) home. They have a large farm with half of it devoted to a park like area filled with ten picnic tables, a large grill, horseshoe set up, a spring fed pond and lots of other stuff. It's a bring your own food and she supplies the place and the beer.

Not the same going by myself.

I was thinking on the drive home about how Labor Day used to mean it was time to put the sandals and white pants and shorts away. Yet just yesterday I bought a pair of capri's. They weren't white, but I had been looking for them all summer and couldn't find the right kind. These were even on sale!

Things are a little more flexible in the fashion forward world. I bet I could wear white pants on Tuesday and no one would even blink.

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Jack B. Nimble said...

I promise I wouldn't blink. Orange Juice still lasting twice as long.