Monday, May 30, 2011

May 29 2011

I had the whole weekend planned out and it seemed to work.

Sunday May 29th. Four years since we lost Jim. Four years.

I spent saturday with some friends at our local cinema club annual cookout. I hadn't gone in awhile but decided to go and be around friends. No one really remembered which made me sad, but instead, I remembered how much Jim always enjoyed going to the meetings and hanging out with our friends.

Most of sunday the 29th was spent in bed reading, napping, playing with the new kitty and watching tv on the couch with the dog. I can't believe I slept as much as I did, but my body must have needed it. I was a bit sad and very lonely and feeling lost in my own house.

Today was hot. I don't do well with heat and I get exhausted very quickly. When I say hot, I am talking 96 degrees. Nope. I didn't go out until about 7pm and then got so sweaty it wasn't even funny. Today was more a clean up around the house and relax some more. I was relaxing in a different way.

Widows have been calling the anniversary of a death, a demarc day. I think I was stressed this week before Jim's demarc day and now that it is past, I am feeling a bit better. At least not so stressed.

I received a nice note from a friend telling me that he was remembering Jim but couldn't remember the exact date and he was sorry for that. He talked about how he had a keen way of making folks laugh. I like that. He did have a way of making people laugh and a sense of humor that was quite unique.

Jim I am not looking forward to starting year four without you. I have tried these long years and longer nights to keep going, to make new dreams and to see life in a way that would allow me to know you are with me, even though you are gone. Strength is really tough sometimes and this roller coaster ride that is called life throws loops and turns and makes me scream and laugh and it was a lot more fun when you were in the seat beside me. You know how I hate those rides.


Rach said...

Hi Sweetie. I knew Jim's day was approaching swiftly and wanted to pop in and let you know I've been thinking about you.

Four years. What an eternity. Once more, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I'm sorry I never got to "know" Jim except through your posts. Just reading them always brought a smile to my face. What a guy! :o)

I'm glad you survived the day and the heat (UGH! It was close to 100 here today--blech!). My prayers for you as you begin another year.

Many hugs.

sharon said...

Oh, Betsy! Thanks for the does not seem that four years has passed. My weekend was difficult, as well...we have had rainy weather for 2-3 weeks, and that seems to exacerbate the ache I feel at the loss of my dear son, Kirk.

You continue to be my inspiration -- and, I know it was not an accident that I happened on your blog soon after Jim's, in light of my own grief and healing.

I hope I can continue to encourage your healing and growth as I've been able to witness over these four years...

Stella said...

Every year on my "demarc" day I remember that the reason for the sadness is love, and that I will always feel sad that day because love is eternal.

I'm thinking of you.

Love, Stella