Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Me, myself and I

To be totally narcissistic today.

I have a new smart phone. A Mytouch that has a camera and it has a FRONT facing camera. So I can take pics of myself without holding my arm way out and not knowing what I am going to get. I started taking a picture a day of myself. Just for fun. I am sharing them so they can be saved somewhere and you all can have a good chuckle.

This may be the first pic with the camera on the phone. I love my expression here. I was just learning how to look at the camera and not at the phone itself. There must have been 15 pics taken before I got to this one. It took some practice.

At home, after taking a dozen pics of Tigger. Those will come in a later post. She is a very good dog model.

Haha! I got this hat when the snow it. I love it but it is not very flattering for me. It is great however when walking the dog late at night in the 19 degree weather.
I look at this picture and I see my mom. Never noticed it before, but I have had others tell me that. I think my hair always thru me off because we did not have the same hair styles.

Me at work. It was a good day. I like this pic. I wish we could take our favorites in to the DMV for use on our license.

Me at home, about to walk the dog. Notice the Super bowl champs THE PATRIOTS!!! hat. This pic is one that I see me as being very comfortable and relaxed.

At work again. This was one of the first pics with the camera. I can see the screen shot of my great nephew in the background and it was a few days after that they I changed it to one of the dogs in the snow. Our computer backgrounds and our phone wallpaper all tell a tale about us.

At work again. I think this was on 2.7.11. I got my hair cut over the weekend and it was still in shock. It is better today.

An interesting two weeks of Betsy.


Angela said...

I love the pictures!
YOU look great !

sanj said...

I just want to tell you thank you. I lost my husband on Dec. 10, 2010 & it helps to read your posts and see that the pain does subside & there actually is light at the end of this tunnel. I loved looking at your pictures because it reminded me of the old me before my husband passed away. Thank you!