Thursday, February 3, 2011

Maybe this will work after all

I may have figured out how to figure it out. Not exactly, but fudging it. I would still like to have it all coming from one source, but now I have learned how to transfer the pics into another picasa account and move them around that way. Those of you that follow the blog may have to resubscribe to follow it with the betts 4 name along with the betts4 one. Maybe.

Completely off the subject of that - I was looking my 2009 tax forms to help me fill out 2010's. I found a folder that had some things in it from a few years and then many many years ago. A photo of me as a newborn baby. And on the back of the pic was a little slip of paper with some times written down and a "start" and "finish" near them. I think it was my mom's contractions while she was in labor with me. It was definately my Dad's handwriting.

Then I found two sheets of paper that had both computer and hand written text on it, from my Mom. She wrote a few lines about each of us 4 children. My older sister, older brother, me and my younger brother. I remember her sending this to us all, but not exactly when. Well it must have been more than 11 years ago because it mentions my older siblings children but not my younger brothers boys. I read what she wrote about me and started crying. The second line - "When Betsy was born, I thought no one else had ever had a child, she was beautiful".

I was born natural childbirth and I was the only one of her children that was, she tried with my brother but he came early and had to be ceserean.

Interestingly enough, the last line my mom wrote on each of our info was "In her/his career she/he has managed people". And it is true, we all have/are. I cried a little when I read "they are all the joys of my life" in her own handwriting. I miss my mom. I wish I could call her on the phone to tell her how good a mom she was for us. This blog is the closest I can do.

She wrote about my artistic ability and things I did when I was younger with my drawing and photography. Reading it made me sad and feel bad that I never really got going with that and was stronger about doing it.

I am not sure if they still have their original copies or not, but I am going to copy and send this out to my siblings.

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Sharon said...

Good perspective on your life and gifts from your mom, Betsy....I know I said or wrote similar things to my children, giving them encouragement to pursue their skills -- possibly into careers. Like ALL children, they accepted a few....but mostly did their own thing...making their own decisions. Don't believe it was an accident that you happened on these "nuggets" -- ponder about what positive things you have done and consider revisiting those things your mom encouraged in you...tis never too late.