Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I miss you.

Note- I stumbled across a folder of Jim pics while searching for a photo of Tigger. This one picture hit me hard tonight. Hard because of the look on Jim's face. Just very unposed and natural, like he really was in the next room. Some of it is because he is wearing the House of Blues shirt that I sleep in now, the sheets and comforter cover are still around and some because it was taken when we lived in MA and it was a happy time for us.


Sharon said...

Although it was hard for you to come across this photo....I gotta say I LOVE the photo -- for just the reason you mentioned. They are, indeed the special photos.

So glad you are WHERE you are in your healing and grief to hopefully feel the poignant ache and have tears maybe....but not to be lost in the sea of grief just following Jim's passing.

Also glad that you have so many good memories to surround you. As memories go, there may be tinges of pain or regret...or the replaying of life events shared.

You are always close in thought, Betsy.

Bismo said...

Fantastic picture, Betts, for sure... just Jim being Jim.