Monday, August 30, 2010

Almost heaven

Monday morning of a mini vacation. I took Friday, Monday and Tuesday off of work and spent the weekend enjoying that time with some friends. Today is run around and do errands and such kind of day. However, it hasn't started yet. I have been very relaxed and not moving this morning. But that's okay, that's what a vacation is relax a bit.

On Saturday the three of us drove down and along Skyline drive. It was beautiful. I loved seeing for miles and miles and miles across the Shenandoah Valley and across acres of beautiful trees and more mountains. The drive thru the National Park was spaced with "overlooks" where you could pull off and pull out the binoculars to take a look.

We stopped atone of the overlooks and it was filled with Butterflies. There was one guy sitting on the edge of the curb and I lowered my finger down and he stepped on it. Sort of like when you offer your finger to a bird. Anyway, I raised up very slowly and my friend took this pic. I hope you see the feeling of wonder at holding something so beautiful in my face. I tossed my hand up and he flew away. That feeling was with me for most of the trip. To feel the cool air on my face as we drove about 30 mph, to be so high up that there were clouds below us and to share this with friends was really nice. A good day was had by all.

Throughout the day John Denvers song "Almost Heaven West Virgina" kept playing through my head. Skyline drive is technically not in WVA, but we travelled through to get there and it just seemed a very appropriate song for the feeling of the day. I had wanted a day out of and away from the city.


Sharon said...

BEAUTIFUL, Betsy! I'm sure the colors are beginning to change already in the east, and I've been told that our "western" fall colors could NEVER match those in the east.

If you ever get to my neck of the woods, I'd love to take you on one of our most famour drives...the Beartooth Highway, which winds (literally)over that mountain pass and includes parts of Montana and Wyoming. This is your official invitation ;) Disclaimer: said highway is closed between the months of fall-ish through the end of May each year.

Evanesco said...

OK, now I'm crying. Beautiful!

Rach said...

We always sang that song but changed "West Virginia" to "That's Virginia", LOL! You are So right!

This was beautiful. :o)