Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dipping toes in the pool

Testing the water as it were.

In a couple days my niece and finacee are coming to help me rearrange my office and bedroom space. This may be the start of more reworking in the house. Things that have needed to be done and been put off for 3 years. If I can get thru this weekend with no major meltdowns, then there is a possiblity that the other things can get done too. I am going to try and with family and friends around it may not be an issue. It's usually the afterwards, after everyone has gone home, that is the problem.

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thorny said...

Am so glad you have some help for your re-do, Betsy! My hope is that you will enjoy the end result so much (new color, design, or simply cleaner;) that it will temper that bittersweetness about the change. Also hope you show some before/after photos.....Blessings on your weekend,