Friday, April 16, 2010


These stuff in the house, I need to go thru it and that is just so tough. The last week has been a slow pick thru of things to determined what to send to the trash or yard sale or what to keep. It is better this year than it was last year but there is still things of Jim's that I just don't want to lose yet.

I am learning to make decisions and choose 3 things and let the other 10 things go to the dump. This helps.

Talking to my neighbor, who is also a widow, told me that she can't bear to part with any of her husband items yet. It's only been one year and she says it is just too soon. I am approaching three years and it is getting easier to filter what to keep and what to let go.

My basement has quite a few boxes of knick knacks and such that I need to go thru....again. I went thru them all once and got rid of some stuff, but I think I need to make it smaller once again. I just have to tell myself that I really DON'T need those items. That is the tough part.

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thorny said...

Keep at it, Betsy....I'm proud of you. It really is freeing and a lifting of the "material" burden that weighs each of us down. Most of that time, for me, is in the "care and feeding" of the stuff -- going through boxes, paper, schlepping it from one area to the next over the years....

Saying that, I don't want you to misunderstand your care of Jim's things that mean something to you or were special to him -- those definitely have value and can remain as long as you want them.

I know the true test for me is whether I really feel any loss when something is dumped or given away....such as videos. During my latest purge I probably reduced my supply by a whole plastic tote -- I actually watched a couple of them, and then took them to Goodwill for someone else to enjoy...BTW, I couldn't even GIVE away my old VCR. And my 2010 tax return will
benefit from my contributions, which will go to some fun or needs in my future ;) Blessings on your weekend,