Sunday, July 5, 2009

yeah what to do

Here it is the fifth of July. I had a very nice backyard cookout and today is total relaxation day. However it is so pretty out I want to be out doing something. I just don't know what.

Sadly, I have yet to get past wanting someone to do something with instead of just going out to do it myself. Well, at least in certain situations. Today is one of them it seems. Everything last night went fine but today I want someone to drive to Pennsylvania Dutch country or go to the beach or just be in the car as I travel. And there is no one. At least not today. Sometimes when I feel like this one of my friends will step in and go help, they don't know they are helping, it's just me saying 'hey let's go....'

I will get past it in a little while. I just am missing my lost friend right now.

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Sharon said...

After church yesterday, I chose to nap and take it easy...we have been having regular afternoon/evening thunderstorms here, so it was a great day to lay around.

Just as you have your favorite drives, in southeastern Montana, a nice day's drive is to Red Lodge and the Beartooth Mountains -- fresh, mountain air, great food and fun -- less than 60 miles from my home, and I get there maybe once a year...;) Blessings on your week,