Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dog days

I picked up Mercury from the vet yesterday. He is off of pain meds and seems pretty chirpy. The vet said he is eating, but we have a special method to get around him having to chew too much and thus use the tongue. He is drinking a lot of water and I am not sure if that is because he is dehydrated from the kennel or if it eases his tongue. He snuggled on the couch with me last night and it was wonderful to have both dogs near me.

I know there is a limited time with him, but am unsure how limited. I guess the trick is one day at a time.


Rach said...

That's it exactly, Betsy. One day at a time. I'm glad Mercury is home with you. Enjoy your time with him.

Laura said...

I am so glad Mercury is where he belongs. My heart still keeps hoping that Merlin will miraculously return to us. Hugs.