Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I can't believe it but I am actually looking around the neighborhood and thinking of christmas lights this year.

In thinking about it, I thought about the box of them in the basement. I don't think I want to hang them. They were 'our' lights and decorations. I sort of like the idea of getting my own, but then flip over right away and feel sad that I won't use 'ours'.

The trick is also that Jim was the decoration guy. He hung the lights, put up the tree and all that. Me, I just will be happy with a table top tree and some lights in the windows.

I don't know what I will do yet. But if I do anything worth showing, I will post a pic here!

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Rach said...

The trick is to somehow honor both Jim, and your life now. We had a terrible time of it last year and are doing much better this year. Last year we were all scattered and lost and clueless. Everything hurt, everything was hard to do. This year, we sort of found our center. I pray you find your center as well, that you find a modicum of peace this year.