Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cookies and Lights

Three and a half dozen cookies later......

I started with peanut butter Kiss cookies. I used both chocolate kisses and 'candy cane' kisses. The chocolate held the kiss shape a lot better, the candy cane became a striped circle of chocolate and candy cane flavor. Not bad, in fact kind of a neat design.

And yes, that is Mercury, patiently waiting, waiting, waiting for one to drop. He was out of luck.

I then mixed some sugar cookie dough and tried the cookie press. I think the dough was a little soft. It didn't respond well to the press for the first half of the making. I ended up having to press the dough onto the rack and then with a knife carefully slice it off the press. It worked to a degree.

I also mixed some sugar cookie dough up and made two logs. One is a reddish/dark pink color and one is the plain. I am going to chill them and then roll them flat, put them on top of each other and then roll them up into a log and slice. The idea is spiral cookies. I hope it works. I can't remember the exact sequence of what to do, I am running from memory of making them with my mom.

Ah Mom. We always had logs of cookie dough in the fridge for fast slice and cooking. Thinking of this, I am realizing now, years later that she was probably doing this because the 'toll house cookie' came out in the stores. She knew she could do the same thing cheaper and figured out a way. Or, maybe even an easier explanation...that is how she learned it from her Grandmother.

All in all it was a fun morning. I am putting some laundry in and now going to sloth for an hour or two with the dogs on the couch.

I picked up some lights to decorate the front window of the house. I decided to not go the traditional lights and found instead some really nice snowflake shaped lights. They are large enough to be seen as snowflakes and there are only nine of them so they won't overwhelm the window. I am also going to cut out some snowflakes myself and put them on the glass. The lights went up with no problem but I can't figure out how to hide the tape holding them to the glass. I need to check Home Depot or such. They do look pretty.

It was a fun afternoon. Warm cookies, cold milk and cutting out snowflakes.

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Sharon said...

Wow!!! You got a lot accomplished today, Betsy. I especially enjoy your spiral sugar cookie idea and plan to try that one.

I also liked that you chose your own window lights and snowflake ideas -- I have to admit that I do not feel any of that creative energy today. I did enjoy our church's annual Christmas ladies brunch with my mom, and was able to pack up a sack of my Christmas decorations for my daughter who lives about 300 miles from me. I love that she is putting up her first Christmas tree, and that our decorations will help -- I love to pass on even some cherished memories during this season of my life.