Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A yellow house

I have talked of doing this for years...literally since we moved here back in 2002. Something to make the house 'pop' and stand out and look different than all the others on the street. All the other streets of the city.

Well, the painting is done. I picked the color and the accent color. Here are some daily pics of the transformation.
At the start -

After one day -
Special look to the windows -

And completed - a wonderful finish to the coolest house on the block now!

Not a great picture, I may update it with one taken from a real camera and not just my cellphone camera.


Rach said...

Oh, I SO love yellow! The house looks marvelous, Besty. :o)

Lynnbug said...

I love it! Yellow is such a happy color--I love the white trim also.

Stella said...

That looks AWESOME! My brick house was painted many years ago by the previous owners, and needs a new paint job now. Do you mind if I borrow your color scheme? :)