Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday before Halloween

I spent the evening filling plastic bag pumpkins and carving real ones. My friends around the corner are getting ready for the trick or treaters. We don't get many on my block, so I am going over there to fill my treating need.

My halloween costume this year is probably going to be something simple like a pirate or a jedi knight. I have always made my own costumes. A tradition my Mom started. I love halloween for the simple reason that for one night, everyone around me is also in costume. A wonderful night to let the inner fantasies come out. Be a Pirate, or a Witch or a cute little kitty. Anything goes!

Jim and I went to one party as the classic Star Trek officers. In our gold shirts and black pants. One year we went to the party as Batman and Poison Ivy. He worked hard on the Batman costume and it was great. I was in a party store and found a Batman mask at half off. It completed the outfit. A much earlier halloween an ex boyfriend and I went as hooker and cop. He found a Queens borough Police shirt at the thrift store and we bought some fake handcuffs. That made for some laughs and fun times when we got home. A few years ago Jim and I went as the perfect 50's couple. Nice clean cut and wholesome. I didn't tell anyone but him that June Cleaver was wearing a thong!

So what to do for tomorrow night. A gypsy woman would be pretty easy. I just have to pull out a couple of old skirts and some scarves. I could pretend to read people's palms and tell futures.

As I write this I remember the fedora I have. I could go as a 40's Journalist. Stick a little piece of paper that says "PRESS" on it and take my old camera. I can hear the kids now asking me what does press mean and why aren't I texting the news in and taking pictures with my cellphone. Oy. I think I may go with being a pirate.

The following are costumes Jim has done thru the years. He made all of them and never had sewn before doing these. He planned them out months in advance (as opposed to me who throws them together on the day before) and I was quite proud of him and how the costumes looked.

Duffman from the Simpsons


Green Lantern. One of his first costumes.


Clark Kent

And so of course -Superman

Batman (this is a favorite of mine)


Batman and Poison Ivy, an evil seductress

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Rach said...

These brought a smile to my face. :o) I concur, the Batman costume is AWESOME! :o)

Happy Halloween, Betts. :o) I can't wait to hear what you decided to go with. I'm the old stand-by witch and Lil's a chicken. Gotta love it. :oP