Friday, September 12, 2008

Wet September weekends

Last weekend was a rainy saturday and a really pretty sunday. I think my mood was funky because of this issue and a week later I am feeling much better mentally. On the up curve as it were.

Of course, this weekend, thanks to Ike, will be a wet one also. Not quite so bad as friends of mine in the gulf area, but still too wet to clean the backyard or make trips to the dump.

I have several 'tasks' lined up and even getting a couple of them done will help morale in the house.

Have you ever wished you knew how to do something, something that others do so easily? I want to learn how to sew. I mean, sew well. I can running a sewing machine and know the basics and theories. I took Home Ec. I am going to practice using my machine this weekend as I work on maybe some curtains. You know, something easy. I will look into classes, but I have also said that before (at least to myself).

I hope this wave of 'up' doesn't come crashing down as I look at all the tasks. That is one problem. I have so many things I want to do in each room of the house that I turn around and around and can't get anything done. Going room by room and making a list of the needs of each room has helped. I put the list up on the wall in my kitchen and will be checking things off.

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Lynnbug said...

Girl if you can run a sewing machine you are waaaay ahead of me! I cant do anything like that. I have started going to painting classes. It is huge fun!