Saturday, May 24, 2008

Naked at the mall

It's saturday morning and I just woke up.

I had an interesting dream and for the first time in awhile I can remember that Jim was in it. Remembering is the important thing. I am sure I had other dreams along the way with Jim, but haven't held on to them.

We were at a mall. I was in a store by myself and Jim found me and told me it was time for the movie. He had the tickets and there weren't a lot of seats left. We left the store and as soon as we left I said "I hope you realize I have no clothes on". And I didn't. He said "No, we'll get some" and we walked on down the mall. It was a busy mall but no one seemed bothered by me and I wasn't bothered it seemed. I darted into what I thought was a german named clothing store and then realized it was actually a german food restaurant. I darted out a little redder in the face. (for some reason that bothered me but not just walking in the mall)

Jim held my hand or had his arm on my shoulder. And then I realized I had some white pants on. White pants that I knew someone else was wearing before, but that were actually a pair of pants I have at home. It was much easier to be half naked.

We got to the theatre and he said it was really crowded. We went up down an escalator, down some stairs and then he scrunched down to look in the basement window. It was one of those half circle window half in and half out of the ground deals. He looked in and said that the seats were lost, it was crowded and we would have to sit apart away from each other. I looked at him and held his hand and said 'I don't want to watch a movie like that.' I remember his face as he looked at me when I said that.

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