Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Iron Man

The Iron man movie is coming out on May 2nd. Jim was soooooo looking forward to this and I can picture him sitting in the theatre, munching the popcorn, drinking diet soda and very entralled by the creation the came from comic and was put into a movie. He would either be watching the midnight show (the first showing on may 2nd) or the ten o'clock a.m. show. He would probably be seeing it at least twice in that day and would be taking off of work to see it. That was just the way he was. Embracing the small bubble that the movie would surround him with and keep the real world at bay for a couple hours. A reprieve into his imagination come to life.

I have mentioned Jim's Superman addiction. In comics, this carries over to Batman, the Fantastic Four, Ironman and others. I know I am forgetting some (Thor, JLA, Hulk, Spidey) but these pop in to my mind. Each time one of his favorite comics become a movie he was cheering it on. Daredevil was one of the worst, but we doggedly went to view it. I think Superman II with Christopher Reeves was his all time favorite from the 80's. It opened a door. Most recently the Fantastic Four was on high on his list, with talk of him making a costume coming from it.

There are many movies that have come from comics and I will always remember and probably never view again the one I saw on May 28th with Jim. It was Spiderman 3. Neither of us had seen it, we went to the 7 p.m. show and then came home at 9 to relax. Jim went into heart arrest and died 6 hours later. But I keep tight the memory of us at the theatre, holding hands, sharing popcorn and enjoying the thrill of the movie.


Linda said...

I'm hoping that you can go watch the movie..for Jim. I wish I could go with you, because I would in a heart beat.


Rach said...

What powerful memories movies conjure for you. If I lived close by, I'd go with you. Big HUGS!