Monday, March 10, 2008

Fill light

I was playing a bit in picasa2 with photo on the previous post. I used the 'fill light' feature. The picture itself was a nice find. I had forgotten that I even had the photo until I was cruising some old picture files and stumbled upon it.

Anyway, here is the photo revisited with some editing help to show the man behind the silhouette. As I said, Jim is at the airport, we are back from Florida and we were waiting for a friend to pick us up.

Interestingly enough, I found that I had taken about four or five pictures of Jim while we waited. A couple show his new superman tattoo and one just shows a very tired guy. It was September and pretty warm in Florida, hence the cut off shirt. However it was brisk in Providence, hence the flannel shirt tied to the waist.

Though I know it was a sunset when I took it, I was thinking this version of the photo could be a sunrise. Either way he is taking in the beauty of it.


rachd said...

That is a lovely photo, Betsy. :o)

Laurie said...

You have the most amazing photos that capture the moments. They are beautiful but I somehow feel the memories in your heart are your living testament of the deepest love you and Jim share. They don't stop Betsy, they live on in your heart. I hope with time, the pain takes a back seat to the beauty of these memories of love. You are doing an amazing job of getting through each day from what I read. It is a journey that will continue to unfold in this new normal. I pray it is gentle with you. You are loved and thought of often here.

Laurie in Ca.

catherine said...

Hi Betsy,
You seem very healthy this post. Hey I would love to do some photoshop to this pic. I have an image in mind I could do, then send it to you. Do you have a higher resolution you can email to me. I'll play with it a bit and get it back to you soon.