Monday, January 21, 2008



Photos strewn all over the kitchen table tonight. I finally pulled out the box of pics and started sorting them out again. Finding some I had not seen before and pulling the picture frames I have been buying for months in and putting pics in frames. (yea me!!)

So, guess what. I am posting pics.
My nieces and Jim and I at a local tourist trap. My nieces are now in college, but I love this shot of them looking over our shoulder and giving me bunny ears. The bunny ears is especially funny because it is a move that Jim would always do to someone else when getting a pic taken. Though I don't think he ever did it to me. Funny thing is, I remember the shirt he is wearing.
The large symbol Jim is standing in front in this pic was taken at Universal studios theme park and is the Fantastic Four logo. This was one of his favorite comic books. He really embraced life and enjoyed himself. . He also created a Superman costume and a Batman costume and of course Duffman.
See us on a motorcycle. Looks like fun eh?
Well, this photo was one found in our basement a couple of months ago as I was sorting things. There was a pile of them all stuck together. I got them seperated and when I saw this I was completely at a lost.
I have no idea when it was taken or what was going on. We never owned a motorcycle. I don't remember riding on one with him. Except for this one, I haven't found a picture that I didn't know when and where it was taken. None of the pictures it was stuck to helped any. Hmmm. A mystery memory.
Well, more pictures in a few days.


rachd said...

How fun! I'm so happy you can go through your pictures--I still haven't worked up the nerve to go through mine.

You all look so cute together! Thank you for posting these--they are such a peak inside your lives. :o)

Betts4 said...

Okay! I know where the motorcycle picture was taken!

We are at Blockbuster video - the one we both worked at. Now we are not in work clothes, or why we were on a motorcycle or whose it was, I can't remember details. But I recognize the corner of the building and the wendys'in the backround.

Thats something!

Anonymous said...

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