Saturday, November 24, 2007

Old Jim Pics

These next two pictures are of a Jim before I met him, but a side of him that stayed with his personality. This first one is of him and his son. It is the humorous and loving side of Jim, having some fun with Johnny and enjoying it. I love this pic and always felt it could be used in an ad or something. The look on Johnny's face is perfect. And Jim just has such a look of love and laughter it makes it complete.

The way Jim's hair is styled always made me feel he was older than he really was when the pic was taken. I want to say he was in his mid 20's.

This is a photo of the father and son sacked out on the couch. It is again at time before I had met Jim, but it is a scene that has been repeated thru the years. The version of it that I saw was not Jim and his son, but rather Jim and the dog. Or Jim and the cat. Or Jim and the remote. He loved to sleep on the couch with the tv going. I love this shot because it seems Johnny is trying to imitate his dad with the arm up.

It has been a few moments since I wrote all that. I gazed at the pictures and am filled with sadness and lonliness and all I can think is that I really, really, really miss Jim and all that he brought to this world. That I don't want him to be gone and I don't want him to be a memory. I want to hear him laughing downstairs or snoring in the other room. I wish, I wish.

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