Sunday, October 28, 2007


Halloween is just 3 days away.

Halloween was always a favorite in our house. Jim loved to create costumes and this surprised me because he didn't show this costuming creativity any other time of the year. The time he made a Green Lantern costume I was impressed that he could work a sewing machine and had never had any lessons.

The costume didn't come out as well he would have liked and I think he moved from sewing to hot glue, fabric glue and velcro. Velcro is a wonderful product. He didn't wear his Superman costume for Halloween but he did wear it for a friends independent movie short production. He did it in the traditional George Reeve black and white film style. A gray suit with black cape and white accents.

My cousin had an annual blow out Halloween party every year for about 10 or so years in a row. It was a great time and we trekked up to outside Philly to join the fun. Jim made a Batman costume for it one year. It was a great costume. He made it as a blend of the tv show Batman, the comic Batman and the movie Batman. The party wasn't till the weekend after Halloween and so I had a chance to find a rubber molded Batman mask for him at a ridiculously low price. It helped pull the whole look together. And to see him dancing like Adam West was priceless! (oh and I am poison ivy of course)Another year at this party that Jim and some other guys did a Chippendales number, there were some 40 yr old plus guys trying to be 20yr old studs. Oh and one year they had a black bat cake and we learned when you eat black icing you poop green. The crowd was always fun, it was usually all my cousins from that family and always good memories.

We didn't make there every year, but we looked forward to it when we could make it. It was usually held the weekend after Halloween. Our wedding anniversary is just a few days after Halloween. Which would mean sometimes it was that very same weekend. Of course we would want to do something fun and special for the anniversary. Most of the time we would go and have a good time because a good portion of the people there were at our wedding anyway so who better to celebrate with!

He also did costumes for the various Science fiction conventions and such. Dr. Jim was one and also Captain Kirk. He had a great time doing Shatner.

There was also the film club we belong to and their Halloween party. The only costume he did for that was Duffman. It was a hit. This is a picture of him in the costume at the local comic store that he visited.

Halloween on our street was never exciting. When we were in Boston we were so removed from the street we got no trick or treaters. I learned to work at the store in the mall to see the kids come around in their outfits. Jim and I would both dress up for Halloween at work.

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