Thursday, September 13, 2007


A late September afternoon finds me laying in bed resting.

I fall into a half sleep half drifting, listening to the noises outside.

My mind is floating and the thoughts are flowing.

I close my eyes and there I see a familiar chest and ribcage above me, a chin tilted back, the arms on either side of me, holding the chest up from me, the curve of the shoulder and the veins in the neck, but a stomach pressing against mine.

For a moment he has come back into my world.

I follow thru the dream, memories making it real, just thankful for this moment again.

To see the fine details that I remember so well, to see them even if in my mind.

Joy overflows me and I don't want to move.

Then the tears of thanks overtake my eyes.

He was with me once more.

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